WTF is Vrbs

Vrbs is a global, community-run organization that uses money raised by the community to fund open-source technology, art and public-works projects. Vrbs positively impacts the world by funding ideas and fostering permissionless collaboration.

Ownership in Vrbs is accessible to anyone. Vrbs rewards creators, builders, and community participants with money and voting power, and the community builds out the Vrbs vision, together.

Anyone can earn a living and decision making power in Vrbs for their efforts.

How can I help?

There's a way for everyone to get involved with Vrbs. Whether you're an artist, athlete, scientist, professional, academic, engineer, organizer, designer, content creator, educator, worker etc, Vrbs funds people and projects of all sizes and domains.

If you're excited about Vrbs, there's a place for you.

How does it work

Our community raises money through the sale of Vrbs and votes. The money raised is held in our community treasury, and we collectively decide how to spend it to further our mission.

Artists create Vrbs, and the community votes on their favorite art piece. Vrbs artwork is original work and stored directly onchain (not IPFS). Every day, the community chooses the next Vrb to send to auction.

Vrb auction proceeds are split between the treasury and the artist behind each Vrb. Artists who have their art auctioned receive their split of proceeds in the form of Vrb Votes and ETH. The proportion of votes and ETH artists receive is configurable by Vrbs DAO.

Vrb Votes are a nontransferable token that tracks your contributions to Vrbs. Votes can be purchased at any time, by anyone. The price of votes is determined by a continuous VRGDA. On average, 1000 votes are sold every day.

All Vrb holders are members of Vrbs DAO. One Vrb is equal to 1,000 votes. The treasury is controlled exclusively by Vrb and Vrb Votes holders via governance.

How is Vrbs different from Nouns?

Ownership in Vrbs is accessible to everyone, and available at any price point.

There are two ways to get voting power in Vrbs:

The DAO is governed 50/50 by Vrb and Vrb Votes holders.

Vote sales are not exclusionary, but are accessible to all.

The Vrb daily auction puts up the top voted art piece as chosen by the community, and profits are split with the artist.

How is Vrbs similar to Nouns?

Vrbs is inspired by Nouns. One Vrb, every day, forever.

Many of the contracts are a fork of Nouns.

Like Nouns, Vrbs is a community-run organization that uses money raised by the community to fund open-source technology, art and public-works projects.

Vrbs committed at the protocol level to a targeted issuance of Vrb Votes every day through a VRGDA, and an auction of one Vrb every day, forever.

Vrbs is CC0. No one owns the brand, and you can use it any way you want, without asking for permission from anyone.

last but not least,

Why does it matter?

Vrbs is important because it incentivizes anyone to help build a positive future for everyone. Instead of working for a corporation with a sole pursuit of profit, you can spend your time and energy growing community-led impact in the world that benefits the public.

Vrbs empowers you to spend your time building for a better future.

What is our purpose?

Do good with no expectation of return. Steward public spaces. Create positive externalities. Empower people to uplift their communities. Embrace absurdity & difference. Teach people about Vrbs & crypto. Dare greatly. Have fun.